Senior High School Sections S.Y. 2019-2020

Section NameStudentsLevelDPAdviserStrandNC(s)
Compassion4611Bayucot, JHUMSS
Decency4511Maestre, AIAMasonry(NC 2), Plumbing(NC 1), Carpentry(NC 2)
Dexterity211Durado, SART
Diligence4211Maputol, DSTEM
Excellence4111Caermare, LSTEM
Fortitude4811Nuñez, GHUMSS
Honesty5011Oloresisimo, EHEFood and Beverage Services(NC 2), Bread and Pastry Production(NC 2)
Hope4211Yder, JIAElectrical Installation and Maintenance(NC 2)
Humility3811Puray, FGAS
Integrity4111Torres, MABM
Justice4711Acero, JHUMSS
Loyalty5311Ovar, EHEDressmaking(NC 2), Caregiving(NC 2)
Patience4311Molo, MICTComputer Programming (Java)(NC 3), Computer Programming (.net Technology)(NC 3)
Peace3511Doydora, JICTVisual Graphic Design(NC 3)
Perseverance4711Aljas, LICTComputer Systems Servicing(NC 2)
Prudence4411Chavez, LIAShielded Metal Arc Welding(NC 1)
Temperance4211Montojo, RHUMSS
Archernar012IAPlumbing(NC 2)
Aris5312Cervantes, CABM
Cassiopeia4212Mamaki, LGAS
Centaurus3712Abad, JHUMSS
Cepheus3712Desalisa, MSTEM
Electra3712Balan, HSTEM
Holmberg2312Susa, CIAElectrical Installation and Maintenance(NC 2)
Hydra4012Avila, LHUMSS
Nevaeh1712Salugsugan, FHETailoring(NC 2), Dressmaking(NC 2)
Orion3312Daya, JHECaregiving(NC 2)
Pegasus3712Panuncio, RICTComputer Systems Servicing(NC 2)
Perseus3512Ramos, CICTComputer Programming (.net Technology)(NC 3), Computer Programming (Java)(NC 3)
Phoebe3412Castaños, RHUMSS
Phoenix3512Villarampa, MIAShielded Metal Arc Welding(NC 2)
Pleiades3012Yder, EIACarpentry(NC 2)
Pleione3412Montalban, MICTVisual Graphic Design(NC 3)
Polaris3812Obedencio, CHUMSS
Rigel4512Gozon, FHECookery(NC 2), Food and Beverage Services(NC 2), Bread and Pastry Production(NC 2)
Students with no sections