GCCNHS Senior High School Boosts for 100% NC II TecVoc Passing Marks

By: Susan T. Aparejo

Technical Vocational (TecVoc) and Livelihood tract students of Gingoog City Comprehensive National High School (GCCNHS) in Senior High School (SHS) Program enrolled in different strands namely: Caregiving, Dressmaking/Tailoring, Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW), Electrical Installation and Maintenance (EIM), Computer Service System (CSS) and Food Beverages and Services (FBS)/Bread and Pastry Production (BPP)/ Cookery had 100% successfully passed the National Competency (NC II) assessment conducted by TESDA after the said students availed the Joint –Delivery Voucher Program (JDVP-TecVoc).

Students in TecVoc strands were being honed by GCCNHS Senior High School TecVoc teachers whose skills and educational expertise in their field of specialization are beyond doubts. Most of them are assessors, Teaching Methodology Certificate (TMC) holders, National Competency (NC) 1, II and III passers.

GCCNHS SHS Caregiving NC2 Passers GCCNHS Senior High School Caregiving NC-II Passers

Mr. Oleric Macalam, the adviser and TecVoc Caregiving teacher of Caregiving Grade 11 and 12 students had prided himself after an announcement declaration that 100% of the Caregiving Grade 12 students passed the NC II assessment last March of 2018. The following students in caregiving who passed the NC II assessment were: Ramil Cuares, Wennie E. Rizala, Julieta T. Acebu, Melagrose T. Ansihagan, Annalyn A. Bagtong, Anna Mae Cutar, Jerica L. Dohan, Rotchan T. Delaganar, Jovilyn P. Ebarle, Jelly M. Gorgonia, Caren C. Magsacay, Almira Marban, Reza Oncada, Jenalyn T. Pinabigol, Jonalyn Jay S. Roman, Rogelyn A. Sino, Novie L. Tinaco and Jenjen A. Tumanan.

GCCNHS SHS Tailoring NC2 Passers GCCNHS Senior High School Tailoring NC-II Passers

Mrs. Florespina C. Salugsugan, the adviser of Dressmaking/Tailoring and TecVoc teacher in dressmaking/tailoring too triumphantly announced the 100% passing mark of her students in tailoring NC II assessment done by TESDA assessor from Bohol. The following students who passed the NC II assessment were: Chritie Anabaenas, Mariel Abucejo, Rufa Mae C. Acera, Loreta M. Areg, Jeramie A. Butalid, Judebel O. Dalit, Mary Joy A. Edpalina, Meriam A.Goles , Analiza C. Losdoc, Naneth B. Pamisa, Christine C. Ramoso, Maria P. San-ugan and Fe Q. Soposo.

GCCNHS SHS SMAW NC2 Passers GCCNHS Senior High School SMAW NC-II Passers

Mr. Marco Antonio Sosobrado, the adviser of SMAW and at the same time the TecVoc teacher in SMAW showed his full support to his students during the NC II assessment conducted last February of 2018. He jubilantly informed the office of the 100% passing score of SMAW assessment by TESDA from Cagayan de Oro City. The following students who passed the SMAW NC II were: Lito P. Abiso ,Jeff MurieL F. Alfarero, Julie M. Cabanig, John Mark M. Castro, Erjohn T. Comcom, Onesimo G. Cuevas, Aljun A. Cupal, Jade E. Din-awan, Daryl A. Delaure, CJ Oneal T. Fabricante, Edezon G. Jr. Galarrita, Reynard L. Gamayon, Florante Jr. Gerona, Marlon James Israel, Christian Edzar A. Javier, Jic O. Lanosa, Jandile Jibe Lucon, Michael S. Maiza, Joel M. Paica, Roman Jr. A. Piquero, James Louie A. Quimson, Jomelito D. Raotraot, Daryl P. Reserva, Benny B. Sagaral, Jeric D. Talja, Allan Jr. L. Tapasao, Lester B. Ubaub, Honorato JR. Vicente and Frechy T. Besande.

GCCNHS SHS EIM NC2 Passers GCCNHS Senior High School EIM NC-II Passers

The Electrical Installation and Maintenance (EIM) students under Mr. Joel Paulma also rejoiced as TESDA assessor announced the 100% passing marks of the examinees. The following students who passed the NC II assessment were: Amelito A. Baillo, Rex Belli T. Bariquit, Jeffrey A. Dela Cerna, Patrick B. Enoy, Jhon Mark B. Gomez, Julieto C. Mabale, Ian Loyd P. Quipit, Vicente Jr. L. Roa, Jade B. Rom, Herbert R. Rosabal, Marielle C. AmbaL and Ivymie A. Dotarot.

The Computer Service System (CSS) strand under Mr. Julius Baldelovar got the highest number of students. Mr. Baldelovar declared 82 students who took the NC II enhancement and assessment last March 2017 at Odiongan National High School scheduled in different weeks to accommodate them all considering the computer units were not enough for them. Sir Baldelovar was grateful to Mr. Antonio Maestre – Principal of ONHS for the rare opportunity he had extended to GCCNHS SHS students by his agreement of accommodating and allowing them to use their new computer units for the said assessment. It has been recalled that the burden of doubts and worries naturally reigned to both Mr. Baldelovar and the SHS Assisting Principal due to only one (1) computer unit that is functional. The said computer unit is the only one used by 82 students during their lesson and theory application. They were group by Mr. Baldelovar in his four-hour class and the rest was history because all of them had passed the NCII assessment. Kudos to Mr. Julius Baldelovar!

GCCNHS SHS CSS NC2 Passers GCCNHS Senior High School CSS NC-II Passers

The CSS NC II passers were: Sedney C. Amora, Isagani S. Bangot, John Bryan D. Bermudez Jeve Gabriel N. Cumawas, Arnold C. Dogando, Fernan A. Egway, Edgar M. Gabriel, Jomar P. Inso, John Lloyd T. JaradaL, John Mark Aaron S. Labuen, Kerwin C. Libando , Reyjie H. Manzan, Alchi C. Pagaran, Adrian Pol S. Peligrino, Reymart John C. Ranque, Mike Ryan E. Redondo, December C. Samayla, Dennis L. Susalo, Allan C. Tagud JR., Gharl Benedict L. Tenebroso, Gilbert D. Toyhorada, Ralp Dave L. Tuto, Ricky Boy E. Varquez, Ralph Laurence G. Villafranca, Patrick A. Ysalina, Jhovelyn J. Caulawon, May Ann L. Chavez, Joy M. Cuñado, Patricia Ann S. de Vera, Jay Rose J. Dela Peṅa, Michelle B. Ejara, Jhanna C. Elegio, Joannah Mari L. Lusterio, Jessa May C. Mamba, Catherine A. Mamparo, Apple Grace Pagaran, Analiza Ratilla, Mary Grace Salada, Mariecris C. Suazo, Ivy M. Sumonda, Marilou I. Timbal, Antonette B. Varquez, Xavier F. Aranzo. Jeremiah C. Baguio, Aldwin Jay Basul, Jay I. Bersabal, Reynan C. Bongo to Franz Nicole R. Bonsucan James, Ryan G. Cases, Miguel M. Condeza, Manuel L.Cuarez, Ian Ray C. Dongcas, Merson S. Escandallo, Carl Cyril A. Granada, Mc Elrod B. Iyo, Jan Ryan V. Labadan, Edward C. Montelliro Kelt Blear M. Olla, Jestoni Pagalan, Eugene G. Ranoco, Romhel N. Samson, James T. Sanchez, Romero B.Sotto, John Carlo B. Sotto Rennel L. Tanasas, Ricar G.Tiempo, Chabelita D.Aquino, Jaia Grace S. Camanian, Mary Jane V. Casiňo, Mary Joy V. Casiňo, Daisy Mae S. Daya, Annalyn A. Dullen, Mirasol A. Gregorio, Psyra A. Jalop, Leniegene B. Nacion, Rachel T. Namoc, Cherry Mie G. Nayon, Joan T. Nazareno, Ma. Teresa S. Otbo, Jenelyn S. Pajaron, Feblin Kate B. Tumabang and Elrie P. Zarate.

However, in Food and Beverage Services (FBS), Bread & Pastry Production (BPP) and Cookery, only fifty out of fifty-six students were able to pass in BPP. However, they have still their NC II in FBS and their chance to complete the NC II bundle is still open according to Mrs. Floramie Gozon, their teacher.

To TecVoc students, congratulations and may the Lord be with you in your college, livelihood and future journey.