1st Place- Jhoan Jane Acero Theme 1 Oral Category(Teaching & Learning) 2nd place- Roxanne Montojo, Connie Obedencio and Jayson Digamon 3rd Place - Ma. Loreta Desalisa. Theme 2( Child Protection ) 1st place- Ludivina G. Cero and Rogemer Castanos. Theme 4 (Governance) ] 1st Place- Susan Aparejo, Jay Michael Calipusan & Eric John Brandino. 2nd Place - Alging S. Lloren. POSTER CATEGORY Theme 1 - 1st Place Jessriel N. Bayucot 2nd Place - Ludita Aljas and Myra Rachelle Calipusan 3rd Place Chalstan Cervantes. Theme 2- 1st Place - Jenny R. Navarro Theme 4 - 1st Place Elvira Ruvi Camocamo and Zandro Camocamo 2nd Place- Cirstina Ampat . CONGRATULATIONS! -From SHS Family

Date Posted: September 17, 2018

Posted by: Susan Tan Aparejo Ph.D.

SHS Assisting Principal II

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